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Bird Photography Videos

Tiny House in the Woods Bird Photography Video
Taking pictures of birds playing in the snow on the morning after a winter storm, from our tiny house in the woods. The birds were busy feeding on juniper berries in a tree that was to the west of me. It was still early morning and quite cold, so the sun from the east was hitting them just right, and the snow was a nice fine powder.

The camera used was a Nikon D90, and these shots came from a single event where all of the different birds landed on the same tree. I caught as many images as I could, and then they all took off at the same time. These are high resolution bird photography videos, so for best results make sure your video quality is set to 1080p HD, and they’re fun to watch in Full Screen View.

Bluebirds In Snow Rapid Shutter Sequence With Nikon D90
In a newer Bird Photography Video, I was trying to catch images of a blue bird in flight after a snow storm we had a couple of days earlier. This is a great time to get pictures of birds against that bright snowy background. I had just started taking a rapid shutter sequence of this female when the male showed up “out of the blue.” So I just held down the trigger and kept shooting.

We’re in the process of setting up a new print and photography studio at JDL Studio Online. We’ve got all of the equipment we need to shoot the pictures, make the frames, cut the matting, and print the photos. We also have access to locally grown lumber, and we think that would be nice touch for framing our local wildlife images.

Visit our Youtube Channel to see more videos, and more of our photography can be seen at the link below,

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