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Chestahedron 3D Animation 360 Degree Camera

A Chestahedron 3D Animation by showing a 360 degree fly-by camera view of the amazing Chestahedron – a new seven sided geometry discovered by Frank Chester.

The Chestahedron is the first heptahedron of this configuration in the history of geometry. It has 7 surfaces (consisting of 4 triangles and 3 quadrilaterals), 7 points and 12 edges.

If this heptahedron is rotated around the vertical axis, it forms a bell-like external surface of a certain profile: a cone at the top connected to a hyperbolic at the bottom. Other types of heptahedra, or less-faced polyhedra do not form a bell-shaped outline during rotation. So for this reason it is supposed that the Chestahedron in rotation is the first geometrical transformation of a bell shape ever discovered, and therefore the mystery behind the geometry of the bell has been solved – for the first time in the history of bell making.

It has also been found through years of research that this geometry forms the basis of the left ventricle of the human heart – the midway point between the idea of the human heart and the manifestation of the human heart. Naming the Chestahedron came from the heart being the dominant organ in the chest.

Because of the close association this geometry has with the heart, we created the Chestahedron 3D Animation using a Rose Quarts texture. We think rose quartz would be a great material to use for making physical sculptures of these, and we would be happy to look into that if anyone is interested. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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