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Native American Doll

Native American Doll

Meg, true to her southwest heritage, requested an Indian Maiden cloth doll. Since I knew Meg liked the Indian ritual blessing of smudging with sweet grass and sage, I wanted to incorporate that into her doll.

I used a feather, and a shell holding sweet grass as authentic ritual elements. With internet research as guidance, I was able to design a costume (in the bottom left picture, you can see the references spread out on the work table) –I had to learn beading in order to complete the dress; I used Tibetan Lambs wool for hair.

Below are pictures of the doll in progress, finished, and Meg showing off her Indian Maiden. She named her “Little Red Wing.”

Native American Doll 1

Native American Doll 2

Native American Doll 3

Article by Lynne Lillie
Lil’s Pad Creative

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