Angelique Girl Doll

Angelique Girl Doll


Angelique Girl Doll Made With Soft & Durable Wool Felt.

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Angelique Girl Doll

This is the Angelique Girl Doll, a one-of-a-kind 23” handmade doll, with wooden ball jointed knees and pose-able fingers. Her skin is made of 100% wool felt– while wool felt is more expensive than felt blends, it is worth it for the fine look, feel, durability, and quality of the doll.

Angelique is stuffed with poly-fil with plastic pellets added to her center for a nice heft, and to enhance the curve of her waist. Her face is hand drawn and finished with colored pencils. Her yarn hair is stiched on, and her dress is removable with a zippered back. She is similar in size to an American Girl and can wear American Girl clothes.

It takes more than 40 hours of love and attention to complete a felt-skinned doll. She is suitable as a display piece or a companion for an older child—not suitable for toddlers. All of our dolls are individually hand crafted, American made, and one-of-a-kind (OOAK).

Questions? If you have questions about any of our dolls, please ask on our Contact Page.

Interpreted from a pattern by Ellen Lumpkin Brown.

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