Annie Oakley Doll

Annie Oakley Doll


Hand Made Wild West Show Annie Oakley Cloth Art Doll.

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Annie Oakley Doll

Annie Oakley Wild West Show PosterHandmade cloth art Annie Oakley Doll from the Wild West Show, with authentic period costume. Annie, like all of our character dolls, is researched for authenticity. She is one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and handmade by Lynne-the-dollmaker, here in the heart of America, in a smoke-free environment. Annie stands 21” tall without her hat. She has real human hair and an originally designed costume; her hand-painted boots are similar to the style Annie might have worn. Her face is hand-painted and needle sculpted. See more information on the real Annie, along with larger full images of doll, below.

The late 19th century was the age of great showmen and traveling entertainers, like the Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Vaudeville circuits, and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. In 1883, Cody founded his production in Omaha, Nebraska, a show that would run, in one form or another, for the next three decades, charming crowds throughout the United States and Europe.

Over the years, the troupe, which included as many as 1,200 performers, included many authentic personalities such as James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, Texas Jack Omohundro, Annie Oakley, prominent Native Americans, including Sitting Bull and Geronimo, as well as “real” cowboys recruited from the West.

Annie Oakley never failed to delight her audiences, and her feats of marksmanship were truly incredible. At 30 paces she could split a playing card held edge-on, she hit dimes tossed into the air, she shot cigarettes from her husband’s lips, and, a playing card being thrown into the air, she riddled it before it touched the ground.

Perhaps Oakley’s most famous trick was her ability to repeatedly split a playing card, edge-on, and put several more holes in it before it could touch the ground, while using a .22 caliber rifle, at 90 feet.

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