Georgia Flag Stamp 2 Dollar

Georgia Flag Stamp 2 Dollar


Two Dollar Bill First Day Issue Georgia State Flag Stamp.

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Georgia Flag Stamp 2 Dollar

Title: Bicentennial Two Dollar Bill Uncirculated First Day Issue Cancelled Georgia Flag Stamp
Cancellation Stamp 13c Bicentennial Era Georgia State Flag Stamp
Series: July 4, 1976
Scott#: 1636

Georgia Flag Stamp 2 Dollar - Two Dollar Bill Uncirculated First Day Issue Cancelled Georgia State Flag Stamp

Two Dollar Bill Back

1976 $2.00 Federal Reserve Notes without First Date of Issue Stamps are collectible in Crisp Un-Circulated grade, and in general the 1976 US Two Dollar bills are collectible since not that many stayed in circulation. Bills in less than crisp condition have less value, and in heavily circulated condition will only trade at face value.

Some Two Dollar bills with the new 1976 design were stamped with the first day of issue as shown above. Using a new 1976 stamp canceled by the post office created a unique cancellation stamp design which was only issued on that one day. The current stamp would be put on the bill, and then canceled with a special U.S. Postal Service Cancellation Stamp including the date of issue. This is a cross-collectible made for stamp and paper money collectors.

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Bills are in Crisp Uncirculated condition. An important addition to your collection.
Also makes an attractive wall hanging design framed and displayed in your home or office.


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