Sitting Bull Doll

Sitting Bull Doll


Native American Sitting Bull Cloth Art Doll.

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Sitting Bull Doll

Sitting Bull in 1885Handmade cloth art Sitting Bull Doll from the Wild West Show, made with authentic period costume. All of our dolls are individually hand crafted, American made, and one-of-a-kind (OOAK). See larger full image below.

In 1885, Sitting Bull was allowed to leave the reservation to go Wild Westing with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. He earned about $50 a week for riding once around the arena, where he was a popular attraction. Although it is rumored that he cursed his audiences in his native tongue during the show, the historian Utley contends that he did not. Historians have reported that Sitting Bull gave speeches about his desire for education for the young, and reconciling relations between the Sioux and whites. The historian Edward Lazarus wrote that Sitting Bull reportedly cursed his audience in Lakota in 1884, during an opening address celebrating the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway.

Sitting Bull stayed with the show for four months before returning home. During that time, audiences considered him a celebrity and romanticized him as a warrior. He earned a small fortune by charging for his autograph and picture, although he often gave his money away to the homeless and beggars.

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Sitting Bull Doll